SOOSAN HEAVY INDUSTRIES that was founded in 1984 succeeded in the development and localization of a hydraulic breaker for the first time in South Korea in the construction and machinery area that had depended heavily on the equipment from foreign countries late 1980s. Our brand has been reborn as one acknowledged worldwide while having achieved the accumulated sales of 100,000 units over the world while having exceeded the domestic first record.


  • SB Series

    SB Series

    The Representative Series of SOOSAN Breakers that have been positioned as the standard of the World Breaker Market and are sought for the most over the world.* Main Target Markets: Markets over the World

  • SQ Series

    SQ Series

    Low-Noise Type Premium Series targeting the market of an advanced country 
    Won the 2008 IF DESIGN AWARD* Main Target Markets : North America/Europe/Oceania, etc.

  • ET Series

    ET Series

    Breaker Series considering the practical designs and economic feasibility since it is easy to assemble and disassemble a bracket even under a harsh environment* Main Target Markets: Middle East/Africa, etc.

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